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My goal is to facilitate the health and wellness of my clients/patients by providing the highest quality of individualized, hands-on care in a comfortable environment by utilizing the most up-to-date and effective techniques and modalities.

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Massage Services

60 Minute Massage - $70
One Hour of Massage which can be Swedish, Deep tissue/Sports massage, and Lymph Drainage. Trigger point therapy, IASTM, and cupping may be blended into the above.
30 min Massage - $45
30 min of any combination of massage style, perfect for problem areas like back or neck
90 min Massage - $100
45 min Massage - $55
45 min of massage - perfect for some extended work on problem areas like back and neck
75 minute Massage - $85
Perfect for when you need more attention than the one-hour massage.
90 Minute Ashiatsu or Ultra Deep Tissue - $110
60 Minute Ashiatsu - $80
60 min Prenatal Massage - $85
Prenatal massage includes techniques which are safe and nurturing, yet can effectively soothe common discomforts of pregnancy. Specialized cushions allow the expectant mother to lie face down and ensure optimal comfort.
60 min Massage with Aroma Therapy Treatment - $80
Massage Therapy with a Customized Blend of Essential Oils for the ultimate therapeutic experience.
60 min Hot Stone Massage - $85
Hot Stone massage utilizes smooth, ocean-polished stones that are heated and applied to the body to deliver the benefits of heat and massage to help tight muscles.
90 min Hot Stone Massage - $115
Hot stone massage utilizes smooth, ocean-polished stones that are heated and applied to the body to deliver the benefits of heat and massage to help tight muscles. The 90-minute session can incorporate Deep tissue massage for optimal therapeutic benefit.
120 min Massage - $150
Cellulite Massage - $50
Cellulite Massage utilizes the innovative FasciaBlaster® tool to actually break up or "lyse"cellulite which is the term used for the connective tissue/fascial restrictions that are responsible for the dreaded bumpy, "orange peel" appearance of skin and muscle tissue. The claws of the FasciaBlaster® dig deep into the layers of tissue to get to the "root" of the cellulite to create a desirable, smooth-tectured physique. This massage is a great choice for those who also own the FasciaBlaster but need extra help accessing problem areas or who want to accelerate their results.
Cupping Therapy - $15
Cupping can be integrated into a regular massage session at no extra charge or done as this 15 minute Add-on service
FasciaBlaster Massage - $45
Targeted Massage which utilizes the headline-catching FasciaBlaster tool created by Ashley Black and now proven to break up adhesions and scar tissue restrictions in order to provide pain relief, increase flexibility and muscle performance, and dramatically reduce cellulite.
See for more info on the FasciaBlaster.

Kinesiotaping/Physical Therapy Svcs

Kinesio Taping - $15
Therapeutic Exercise Prescription (call for appointment)
Custom-designed exercises and stretches to to deal with strength/flexibility impairments based on an evaluation...variable pricing
PT Modalities - Ultrasound/E-Stim - $15 (call for appointment)
Appropriateness of Ultrasound and/or Electrical Stimulation dependent on physical evaluation and usually part of treatment program consisting of therapeutic exercise and manual therapy.
CranioSacral Therapy - $45

Nutritional Services

Nutritional Consultation - $40
Consult Includes Nutrition Questionnaires/Surveys, Body Systems Review, and Meridian Autonomic Testing.
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